Michigan Legacy Art Park Website Design

Michigan Legacy Art Park Website

I recently designed and developed a new website for Michigan Legacy Art Park, a really great nonprofit organization in northern Michigan. Check it out!

The Art Park is a very unique art space, essentially a contemporary sculpture gallery located right in a northern Michigan hardwood forest. They do live music all summer long, host school field trips and all kinds of fantastic work for the arts in northwest lower Michigan.

The existing website wasn’t awful, but it was quite dated and was built before responsive design made sites adapt to mobile devices. It needed a cleaner style, more modern functionality, and a higher quality to match that of the art and programs in the park.

Working with nonprofit organizations is my FAVORITE, but limited resources sometimes requires extra flexibility.

In this case, we together came up with a strategy to launch the site with basic structure design, while new content will be added over time. The plan worked great! The site looked fantastic upon launch, and is set up ready to grow along with the organization.

Are you part of a nonprofit with a dated website? Let me know! I’d love to help.

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