The Avett Brothers Gig Poster Design

Avett Brother Gig Poster Design

One of the few difficult things about living way up north is our lack of cool music events. However…. one of my favorite bands visited Traverse City this past summer, so I created this great gig poster design for the show. If you haven’t seen these guys live, I INSIST you do so as soon as possible!

Back To The Future Pinheads Header

Back To the Future Day: The Pinheads! and More!

There have been many powerful, serious, moving films that have impacted me over the years. There are movies that have actually changed me or given me perspective on the world. Some movies I love because they are beautiful, creative, original works of art. But if you were to ask me at any given moment over the past thirty years what …

Google Favors Mobile Friendly Websites

Google Now Favors Mobile Friendly Websites

Google recently announced and implemented changes to make its search results better for mobile users. With over half of web traffic now viewed on mobile, it’s no surprise Google has taken steps to offer better resources to all those millions of users. In order to do this, Google has (among other things) updated its algorithm—the math magic that makes it …